Band Final Exam Information


The band final exam is in two parts. All students will take the final exam with the exception of Seniors who are exempt.

Part 1: Playing – Either perform at Graduation with the band OR play the following six major scales: Bb, Eb, F, Ab, Db, B, E. These are YOUR key, not transposed

Part 2: Written – You will have fifty terms you need to study. These terms are taken from the music we have played this year.

WIND ENSEMBLE ONLY: You will also need to complete a Circle of Fifths from memory with the correct number of sharps and flats next to the note name. I’ve attached a copy of the circle of fifths you need to memorize. It is simply a matter of learning the order clockwise and the sharps and flats are in order.

To study the terms, I’ve made a study guide on Quizlet. Join the class by clicking this link:



Seniors: Thursday 6/8 Symphonic Band, Friday 6/9 Wind Ensemble

Tuesday, 6/13: 6/14: 9th Grade Woodwinds

Wednesday:  9th Grade Brass & Percussion, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band

Thursday: 6/15: Wind Ensemble

Friday; 6/16: Graduation