9.15.17 Football at Indian River HS

Here is a link to the itinerary for the upcoming away football game:


You can access this and every itinerary by going to www.gbhsband.org and clicking on the Itineraries button near the top of the page.

Away football games are an integral part of our season. Drum Line students perform at all away football games and members of the color guard and brass / woodwind sections are expected to attend THREE away games. (There are four left, by the way.) Because of the size of our wind section this year, I highly encourage as many brass and woodwind players to attend the remaining away games unless there is a conflict.

9/8/2017 Home Football Game v. Oscar Smith HS

As I mentioned in a previous e-mail, itineraries for the home football games (and competitions soon) are located on gbhsband.org – in case you missed the one for this Friday’s game, the link is here:


A few notes about tomorrow’s game . . .

At the conclusion of rehearsal we will be loading the trailers. Because it will be the first time loading, it might take a little while. Just a heads up 🙂

1 – the Drum Line will meet Friday morning at 7:45 AM to do our home football drumline performance at the school. We play in front of the school, at the bus loop, and then march through the hallways to play in the Commons area.

On Friday afternoon, we will meet in front of the area where the trees are (and the band trailers) for attendance. Attendance starts at 5:30, so you will need to be dressed in full uniform BEFORE 5:30 PM. Under your uniform you need to have the following items: Tech shirt, athletic shorts, long black athletic socks, gloves and DINKLES (the marching shoes). New students, the Dinkles are in and we will distribute them before marching band practice today. We will distribute gloves before we leave for GBMS.

Students will be able to change on stage and in the orchestra room (but they aren’t really changing, just putting uniforms on over top of their shorts and shirts). Guard will be in Soffees w/tech shirts. Additional information will come about uniforms and make up from the guard instructors about tomorrow.

Students will load the buses as soon as attendance is complete and we will drive to GBMS. When we arrive at GBMS, students will exit the bus, grab shakos and plumes and bring your instruments. Students with instruments on the trailer will get them at this time. We will warm up and then get into a parade block for the game.

During the game, students will remain in the stands to play pep band music and cheer on the football team during each quarter. Students are not permitted to leave the stands for any reason without asking a chaperone. Students may not purchase concessions during the first, second or fourth quarters.

After halftime, students will be able to go to the concession stand to eat. Please bring money for this if you want something at the concession stand. Because students will be in uniform, we have a limited menu for them (basically, anything that can spill on a uniform is not offered to students – I hope everyone understands!) You may ONLY go to the South concession stand (the one by the trailers).

At the conclusion of the game we will line up and head back to the buses to return to GBHS. Students will change out of their uniforms and hang them up NICELY on the racks. Once they have hung up their uniforms and put all of their equipment away, they are dismissed.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! Looks like the weather is cooperating for today’s rehearsal and tomorrow looks beautiful!


Mr. Ross

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