Marching Wildcats Parent Information Night

We will hold a Parent Information Night meeting on June 13th at 7:30 PM in the GBHS Auditorium. We will discuss a number of items related to the band program, including:

Fee Schedule
GBBPA Membership
Volunteer Activities
Scrip and other Fundraisers for your students

Band Final Exam Information


The band final exam is in two parts. All students will take the final exam with the exception of Seniors who are exempt.

Part 1: Playing – Either perform at Graduation with the band OR play the following six major scales: Bb, Eb, F, Ab, Db, B, E. These are YOUR key, not transposed

Part 2: Written – You will have fifty terms you need to study. These terms are taken from the music we have played this year.

WIND ENSEMBLE ONLY: You will also need to complete a Circle of Fifths from memory with the correct number of sharps and flats next to the note name. I’ve attached a copy of the circle of fifths you need to memorize. It is simply a matter of learning the order clockwise and the sharps and flats are in order.

To study the terms, I’ve made a study guide on Quizlet. Join the class by clicking this link:



Seniors: Thursday 6/8 Symphonic Band, Friday 6/9 Wind Ensemble

Tuesday, 6/13: 6/14: 9th Grade Woodwinds

Wednesday:  9th Grade Brass & Percussion, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band

Thursday: 6/15: Wind Ensemble

Friday; 6/16: Graduation